#4PRQs for: Mary Whenman


Mary Whenman is the President of Women in PR

I’m very lucky to have Mary Whenman, answering my Four PR Questions (#4PRQs) today. Mary is the outgoing Interim Communications Director at Callcredit Information Group, President of Women in PR, has been listed in the PR Week Powerbook 2016 & 2015 and was a Cannes Lions Glass judge in 2016. Mary is a PRCA PR & Communications Council Member, Member of CIPR and former PR Week Mentoring Mentor. On her incredibly impressive CV, we can find agencies ranging from Weber Shandwick to Grayling, where Mary was Managing Director, Corporate & Financial and Freuds, where she’s worked with clients such as The Carphone Warehouse and many, many more.

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Month in the PR events: September

September was a fruitful month!

September was a fruitful month! View from the Grayling offices.

Month in the PR events is the series I initiated on LinkedIn. I decided to write about the industry events I attended. September has been incredibly fruitful. It has started with the PRCA Members Drinks and concluded with the Financial Directors Forum Group event. I’ve also managed to be at the Creativity+Science conference, organised by H+K Strategies.

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#4PRQs for: Francis Ingham of PRCA

Francis Ingham standard ICCO photo (2015- up to date)

Francis Ingham is Director General at PRCA UK & MENA and Chief Executive at ICCO

Answering my Four PR Questions today is Francis Ingham. Francis is Director General of the PRCA, and Chief Executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO). Francis’ background is in politics and public affairs. He is External Examiner to the American University at Richmond, Trustee of The Speakers’ Corner Trust, and the Master of the City of London Company of Public Relations Practitioners. Francis also appears in both the UK and the Global editions of PR Week’s PowerBook.

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Guest post: MA in Public Relations – good investment or a waste of time?

Kristina Lazarevic is Masters graduate at the University of Westminster

Kristina has just finished MA in Public Relations at the University of Westminster.

Questioning the relevance of master studies in the field of public relations is not uncommon but rather very frequent observation I encountered while doing my MA. PR is a very practical field where you can’t learn much from the books or by analysing other scholars’ theories. In order to become a good PR practitioner, one needs hands-on experiences. Therefore, the question arises – why doing an MA in PR instead of throwing yourself in the industry immediately?

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#4PRQs for: Jane Fordham of Golin


Jane Fordham is the Executive Director, Marketing and Talent at Golin

Golin is one of those places that you just don’t want to leave, once you get in. Buzzing with creativity, interesting clients and most importantly — remarkable culture. I’ve had this massive privilege of spending two fabulous weeks with the consumer team at the Holborn-based agency. Jane Fordham, who has made this tremendous opportunity come true, is the Executive Director, Marketing and Talent at Golin. Jane is brilliant — she has truly amazing people skills and is one of the most charming people in the industry. It made me so happy, when she agreed to answer my Four PR Questions (#4PRQs).

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What did two years in London teach me?

This Tuesday marks my SECOND year in London!

It feels like it happened yesterday, but on the 13th of September, I will have been living in London for two years. I vividly remember the airport experience and all the farewells. The fear and excitement combined into one, indescribable emotion. It has been an incredible journey and it has taught me a lot.

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