Treating rejection as a godsend

On failure. Not saltiness, no negativity.

On rejection. No saltiness, no negativity.

‘You performed well, the team was really impressed, but on this occasion we decided not to pursue with your application.’ In facing, at the times, disappointing moments of the job- and internship seeking, I decided to take the approach that is inspired by the Princeton professor’s, who published his CV of failures — I started appreciating the learning curve and experiences I got throughout my journey.

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#6ofMarcel: Full suit, FHF mug and spooky podcast


I wore a full suit this week. Follow me on Instagram and see my Stories.

November is here. And its first week is now about to finish. That means it’s time for #6ofMarcel. I had a good week — I needed to wear a full suit, which I don’t usually do, and I was also given a brilliant mug with FleishmanHillard Fishburn’s logo on it. I also listened to my favourite podcast, found out that being a nonconformist might be beneficial and saw a great campaign empowering women.

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#4PRQs for: Peter Barron of Google

Peter Barron is the VP of Communications at Google

Peter Barron is the VP of Communications and Public Affairs at Google EMEA

I’m delighted to be featuring Peter Barron in Four PR Questions (#4PRQs). Peter is currently the VP of Communications and Public Affairs at Google. He has the background in journalism, being the University of Manchester graduate and having worked for the significant BBC, Channel 4 and ITV’s productions. Comms students — grab your writing devices and take some notes!

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