#6ofMarcel: back to school, Sarah the President and the Research Group


So good to be back!

The final week of the month comes to an end. How brilliant it’s been! I’ve started the final year of my university course, been on the phenomenal PRCA event, found out about the CIPR Election results and got fascinated by the campaign going on in the Underground.

#6 Talk to the stranger on the tube
bbc.in/2dmOyNJ | #Tube_Chat

One of my favourite initiatives in a while. Even though I’m a bit shy inside, I do love getting to know new people. Talking to strangers is one of the scariest things out there, but at the same time, one of the most fun. The Tube Chat, that has N.B. not been authorised by the TfL, encourages commuters to talk to each other. Some pins, indicated that the owner is taking part in the ‘talk to strangers campaign’, were handed out in the Underground network. It got massive amount of coverage and tweets. Some hated it, but the action has found many supporters. I do want the pin, too!

#5 Battling present and future self 

Making decisions is tough. Daniel Goldstein in the brilliant Ted Talk explains the idea behind it. He clarifies that there are two selves that are deciding — the present and the future self. We can find out what the commitment device is and how it can help with everyday’s temptations. Goldstein also gives an alternative to this last option. On the top of that, he tackles the use of a virtual reality. For example, the VR technology can be used to visualise how human skin would change over the years of smoking. All in all — a great talk that gives a lot of insights into many aspects of human behaviour.

#4 DJI’s new drone

Just over a week after GoPro unveiled their Karma drone, DJI, a leading drones producer has announced their newest product — Mavic Pro. This one is much, much smaller than the predecessor and it’s more convenient to use. My absolute favourite YouTuber, Casey Neistat, who is a massive fan of drones, has already got his hands on all of the recent aerial devices and examined them. For now, the winner is the newest technology from DJI.

#3 Sarah the President

Not much to say here. The brilliant Sarah Hall, after the successful campaign, has become the CIPR’s new President-Elect for 2017. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the implementation of Sarah’s plan. #GoSarah!

#2 PRCA Research Group Launch

This Tuesday, the PRCA introduced the Research Best Practice Committee. The event, held at the offices of Bell Pottinger, was the launch of the Group. Imogen Osbourne, co-founder of Question & Retain Ltd, presented us to the research conducted among the PRCA members. Then, we had a discussion about research’s role and its importance in campaigning. Really insightful event, with another great opportunity to continue building professional network.

#1 Third year begins

There’s one more step, before I’ll be able to pursue my biggest ambition of getting into the comms industry. Yes, Marcel goes back to school. Excitement clashes with fear — the final year of uni has begun. Time to rock and roll the dissertation, final project and other bonbons that the third year holds. Please, do keep your fingers crossed for me!


ICYMI: I’ve made a write-up of all the events I attended this September and also interviewed Mary Whenman, who gave some tremendous advice for every PR student.

#6ofMarcel lists interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking things, I have encountered in the last seven days.

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