#6ofMarcel: birthday night networking, #FuturePRoof, Zero to One and top influencers

It was a good week, this week!

This week, I launched this blog, celebrated my birthday and witnessed the second edition of #FuturePRoof being introduced. #6ofMarcel lists interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking things, I have encountered in the last seven days.

#6 My new radio


I do love radio. Radio as a medium and radio as a physical item. I got a spare voucher for the outstanding sales in my coffee shop, so I have decided to buy a brand new radio-alarm clock. It looks very neatly and has brought a lot of flair and joy to my bedside table. Waking up to the Today programme has never been easier!

#5 Zero to One

I have just recently had a chat with Matt Silver, who said that the comprehension of how business functions is essential, while working in corporate PR. Being drawn into this very practise, I’ve decided to educate myself a bit in this area. Zero to One by Peter Thiel was a great place for me to start. The author explains all the basics of startups, business and making money.

#4 Eastern Europeans in Brexitland

This fantastic and informative Radio 4 documentary presented by the writer and journalist Gary Younge, has been one of my favourite listens this week. As a Pole, I really did like how fair the portrayal of Eastern European communities in the UK was. I also really liked the fact that the programme has been created at all. The fate of the European Union citizens in the UK is still uncertain and it’s good to see those issues getting coverage in media.

#3 PR Week’s 50 hot new influencers

In the digital world, influencers are, indeed, hot topic. If chosen correctly, they can bring a lot of authenticity and more creative solutions to the campaigning. PR Week prepared a sharp breakdown of the top YouTubers, tweeters and other new media starts. They have all been picked very carefully by the astute panel.

Also: How influencers are changing the face of PR and marketing

#2 Apple’s Don’t Blink post-conference video

Apple have summarised its Big Launch in 107 seconds in the incredibly good looking, snappy, fast-paced video, with all the key takeouts from the event. Company’s keynotes are always remarkable. This year, what has grabbed my attention, apart from the tech nuances, was the publicity around the conference. We saw Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, appearing in James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke and the team from Cupertino have even sent some tweets. It has somewhat spoiled the announcement, as one tweet was slightly mistimed, but it was great to see @Apple on the Twitter feed.

#1 PRCA Members Drinks

There’s probably no better way to spend the birthday evening, than going for the event organised by the Southwark-headquartered PRCA. This month, member drinks were special. We were celebrating the launch of #FuturePRoof that was edited by the brilliant Sarah Hall, with contributions from Stephen Waddington and many other industry leaders. The previous edition was launched in October 2015 and secured magnificent 2,500 sales and downloads. To find out more about the #FuturePRoof project, head over to Stephen Waddington’s post.

PS. Make sure you #VoteSarah!


ICYMI: this week I wrote about books every PR wannabe should read. I have also interviewed one of my biggest PR inspirations, David Gallagher.

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