#6ofMarcel: #BudgetBuster, stages of grief and the tough Polish language


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This #6ofMarcel, the list of the most intriguing and interesting things that I recently encountered, marks my tenth week of blogging. In the past few days, we had been occupied with many occurrences — elections, some brilliant campaigns and we’ve seen the first Christmas advert.

#6 Adidas sneaker made from recycled ocean waste

via Adidas

via Adidas

Adidas launches limited edition of the shoes that are made of ocean waste. As the clothing brand admits, there are only 7,000 of them. Adidas teamed up with Parley for the Oceans, who campaign to raise awareness about threats facing our oceans.  As Business Insider reports, UltraBOOST Uncaged Parley, has an “upper” made of 95% ocean plastic — scooped up near the Maldives — and the rest of the shoe is made from largely recycled materials as well. Great initiative and strategy to save the planet!

#5 Visualizing the stages of grief

Quartz published the chart that shows how our behaviour changes, after receiving bad news.

The chart below is based on a diagram in the foreword by Allan Kellehear, PhD – a scholar on dying and cultural influences – in the book’s 40th anniversary edition. It’s based on a chart by Kübler-Ross and expands on the stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This chart has seven stages: It starts with shock and ends with hope.

Dianne Gray, the president of the Kübler-Ross Foundation said that a lot of people woke up to shock, but “what Elisabeth found in her research is that hope is embedded in every person.”


#4 Hack Attack

I didn’t manage to write the whole piece, but it was really helpful in adding a little bit of the context to my essay that I’m writing at the moment. Nick Davies (who has also written Flat Earth Newstackles infamous hacking scandal that took place a few years ago and involved eavesdropping of many private conversations and leaking confidential information. He gives a background and inside story of the scandal. Incredibly important read for every communications student.

#3 Celebrities react to election results

The US presidential election result might have been a bit of a shock for many of us. There have been great analysis and pieces on the aftermath of this event (I highly recommend Stephen Waddington’s Putting the public back in public relations). Entertainment Weekly showcased some interesting tweets from the celebrities that found out about the result.

#2 POLISH Sucks: a basic guide to POLISH

You just can’t consider Polish language as an easy one. The Uwaga Pies, two YouTube creators from Poland, has created the video, in which they featured some of the basic Polish expressions that will come in handy, while traveling to the country. They also presented a solution in the form of app that will help in translation.

#1 Frank PR’s #BudgetBuster

The retailer John Lewis has released its new Christmas advert for this year. I might have been showcasing it in #6ofMarcel, but I thought that I’d rather write about Frank PR, whose MD tweeted about their initiative. As Andrew Bloch said, they are going to make the ‘”discounted version” of the advert.’ Working for their client, MyVoucherCodes, and getting help from the students from London School of Communications Arts in Brixton, they created an ad in six hours, with only £600 of budget. Retailer’s ad has reportedly costed £6 million and took 6 months to create.

The advert is now done, and available to see here.


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