#6ofMarcel: Careers Clinic, iOS 10 and cats taking over the Tube


Second week of blogging — done!

I celebrated my second year in London and second week of blogging. I’ve also updated the software on my phone and watch. I went to the PRCA Next Gen event about careers and I really liked the Citizens Advertising Takeover Service project.

#6 iOS 10 and watchOS 3 updates

Apple rolled out two, quite substantial updates this week. iOS 10 for the phones and watchOS 3 for their smartwatches. The former brings a refreshing look, with some new functionalities — you can now send GIFs and drawings in iMessage. 3D Touch integration is deeper and some of the native apps can be deleted. WatchOS 3 has improved the side button of the watch — now we can access a dock, which is a way to deal with active apps and keep favourite apps on the sight. Watch also works slightly faster and has few more messaging nuances. A bit disappointingly, there’s not many new faces. We now have an option to choose Minnie Mouse and a face that would show user’s activity, in more detail.

#5 Why Become a Doctor? (BBC Radio 4)

With junior doctors constantly in the news, this podcast can give some unique insights into the profession. Why Become a Doctor? on Radio 4 portrays how doctors’ training looks like, how much it costs and why did they choose to do the profession. It also tackles an important issue of how the young doctors are dealing with death of their patients and making tough, medical decisions about.

#4 Cats invade London tube ads (BBC/Glimpse/Kickstarter)
bbc.in/2d31Qzl | weglimpse.co/catsnotads | kck.st/2d32rkg


via CATS’ Kickstarter page

Not every campaign will have a chance of gaining coverage in the national media. But those that will, are usually extraordinary. That’s the case with the campaign organised by the group Glimpse, who “aim to make positive social change feel attractive to millions more people.” They executed Citizens Advertising Takeover Service, also know as C.A.T.S. After fundraising £23,000 they bought the advertising space in Clapham Common underground station and replaced traditional ads with cat posters. This has also benefited Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection, as the charities provided the visuals for the campaign. I am more of a dog person, but I fully approve that!

#3 Adobe gets artists to collaborate in Photoshop campaign (AdWeek)

Adobe asked tattoo artist and a gilder to collaborate with each other. They have decided to “exploit each other’s strengths” and make a tribute to Lemmy of Motörhead. Campaign executed by Edelman. 

#2 Don’t visit Wroclaw, ever! (Vogue)

Wrocław, the biggest city in western Poland, has received a really nice endorsement from the Vogue. The article gives the comprehensive historical background of the city and compliments its architecture, restaurants and the city’s cosmopolitan nature. Worth reading piece and well worth visiting place!

#1 PRCA Next Gen Group event

PRCA organised Next Gen London Group — Career Clinic event this week. Event took place at the sublime Grayling offices. We’ve heard from the excellent panel that consisted of Mandy Sharp, Founder of Tin Man Communications, Victoria Durman, who is responsible for Corporate Communications at Sainsbury’s and Mitchell Kaye, CEO of Shine @The AcademyPanel was chaired by the brilliant Laura Weston, MD of iris Culture. Panelists shared many invaluable insights into their careers and we’ve received great tips on starting the career and being happy in the workplace.

A full write-up of the events I’ve attended this month is coming soon.

ICYMI: this week I wrote about two years I spent in London. I’ve also interviewed one of the most charming people in the industry, Jane Fordham.


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