#6ofMarcel: Careers Fair, Digital and Creative event and holding a door

#MarcelWritesDisso and will continue doing this for a few more months.

#MarcelWritesDisso and will continue doing this for the next few months.

We are halfway through November. Christmas is coming, May and the deadline of my dissertation submission is even closer now. In the past few days, I particularly loved two PRCA events. I also liked the podcast about holding door and a formula for the perfect americano. These are my favourite things of last week, this is #6ofMarcel.

#6 Holding a door

via Radio 4

via Radio 4

In the Radio 4’s The Science of Everyday LivingDavid Schneider explains how to… hold a door. We can learn that there’re many circumstances to consider. As we get to know, it can depend on velocity of the ‘holdee.’ We also learn what to do, when there’s a series of doors ahead, and how not to get stuck in the ‘thank you zone.’ Educating, entertaining and it gets very technical.

#5 Menstruation podcast

On the serious note, Jane Garvey of Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour presented the programme about menstruation. She considered the fact that this very topic has become taboo. Even advertisers use, at the times, misleading terminology and a lot of euphemisms. Very thought-provoking and shrewd that everyone needs to listen.

#4 Formula that makes a perfect cup of coffee

I do know my coffee and I thought nothing would surprise me in this field. But it appears that Philadelphian scientists figured out how to make even better americano. Using maths. Brilliant!

In a study published in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics (pdf), boiling down the best-tasting cup of joe may have everything to do with how coffee goes through drip filter machines. That meant analyzing the size of coffee grains, and what water can extract from those different-sized grains. “Extraction of coffee solubles from roast and ground coffee is a highly complex process, depending on a large number of brewing parameters,” the scientists wrote. [qz]

#3 Christmas content extravaganza

It’s hard to keep up with all of the Christmas campaigns. John Lewis, Sainsbury’s, Heathrow and many, many more. PRWeek, very conveniently, made a section on their webiste with all of the Christmas content that we are being flooded with. Industry talks a lot about those campaigns, so I couldn’t possibly not list anything Christmas-oriented today.

#2 PRCA Digital and Creative

Brilliant initiative of getting together Digital and Creative groups of the PRCA. This happened on Thursday, when we got to hear from some really astute speakers. Although, this wasn’t your standard presentation-driven event. Each speaker had only five minutes for their speech, and only fifteen seconds to talk about each slide.

#1 PRCA Careers Fair

One of my favourite events this year! Aimed especially at students, Careers Fair, had everything that PR-wannabe would wish for — there were top agencies with the stands, fabulous workshops, insightful presentations and informative panels. Massive thank you to Mary Davoudi and the whole PRCA team!


ICYMI: I wrote a post with some tips for students, who want to become networking masters. I also interviewed Alex Singleton of Circle Health.

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