#6ofMarcel: Creativity+Science, networking book and three words instead of postcode


H+K organised an insightful event this week

The week is coming to an end, so it’s time for my summary of it, in the form of #6ofMarcel. I’ve done few things in the past seven days — I got a great book about networking, I’ve seen a compelling TV series and I attended a brilliant event about combining creativity and science.

#6 Never eat alone 

I finally got my hands on Never eat alone that I was incredibly eager to read. This is an ultimate guide to networking. Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz emphasise why meeting new people and maintaining a good relationship with them is vital for the successful career. The newest edition has been also enriched with the chapter about making connections in the digital space.

#5 Narcos

Watching TV series on Netflix might not be considered as the most constructive activity out there, but every productivity ninja needs to have a break at the times. Narcos is a series portraying Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar. Really well played by the brilliant cast, including Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal Wagner Moura. Production is also amazingly shot and the story is told very compellingly. A must watch!

#4 Hyper-Reality

via km.cx

via km.cx

Keiichi Matsuda is a designer and film-maker. He is an expert in Virtual and Augmented Reality. He has created the “Hyper-Reality” film. I found out about this fascinating project at the Creativity+Science conference, where Keiichi was speaking. The piece presents a vision of the future, where virtual reality plays a massive part. The technology eventually goes too far. This brilliantly created film is a real joy to watch and has its profound message that is really thought-provoking. Film to be seen here.

#3 What3Words

Yet another hat tip to the organisers of the mentioned conference, where I learnt about What3Words. Clare Jones was the one, who introduced this technology at the event. This genius app tackles the problematic addresses that are not always accurate and, at the times, don’t even exist. In the era, where postcodes are truly vital in many areas of life, the creators of the app are revolutionising the way we share our location with others. Instead of giving the address to a taxi driver, we can just give… three words. For example, my university’s location would be dozen.factories.gates and my local pub’s words are slower.happen.views. This technology can be used in many businesses and also by the individuals. I really wish it’ll go mainstream and three words will become the new address.

#2 Google Trips

frame from the Google Trips introduction video

frame from the Google Trips introduction video

Google Trips, the new app from the tech giant, allows to instantly plan and organize your trips, automatically discover new sights, and effortlessly track your travel info, as the website reads. The app makes traveling easier by saving a lot of data to the phone’s memory, without necessity of using Wi-Fi. This may have a massive impact on the way we visit new places and explore the world.

#1 Creativity+Science 2016

Hill+Knowlton organised the annual Creativity+Science conference. The lineup was excellent and the programme wildly interesting. This 7-hour long event was buzzing with the insights and ideas. Speakers, ranging from Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP, social media personality Shonduras to the MD of H+K SmarterMatt Battersby, gave a stratospheric amount of concepts, examples and case studies, where creativity and science go together, creating something incredibly inspiring and exceptional.

The full write-up of the events I attended this month, coming up this Monday.

ICYMI: brilliant Kristina Lazarevic has guest posted and written about her MA degree in Public Relations. I’ve also interviewed Francis Ingham from the PRCA.


#6ofMarcel lists interesting, intriguing and thought-provoking things, I have encountered in the last seven days.

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