#6ofMarcel: Full suit, FHF mug and spooky podcast


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November is here. And its first week is now about to finish. That means it’s time for #6ofMarcel. I had a good week — I needed to wear a full suit, which I don’t usually do, and I was also given a brilliant mug with FleishmanHillard Fishburn’s logo on it. I also listened to my favourite podcast, found out that being a nonconformist might be beneficial and saw a great campaign empowering women.

#6 Jumpstarting career by being nonconformist

The article, being backed up with some strong research, suggests that nonconformity boosts career and makes work ‘more valuable.’ Being a rebel, within reason, in the workplace can make us more successful.

According to a survey [HBS professor Francesca] Gino conducted of more than 1,000 employees invarious fields, less than 10% reported working at companies that encouraged challenging the status quo. When this happens “Workers and their organizations both pay a price: decreased engagement, productivity, and innovation,” Gino writes in the Harvard Business Review. [QZ]

#5 Empowering women with the #ForTheGirl campaign

Charity Girlguiding launched the campaign with the video content spread across the social platforms. In the videos, we see the real-life scenarios, where women are not being treated fairly and equally. The campaign’s objective is to empower women and show how negative media can be towards them.

Commenting on the campaign, Girlguiding communications director Becky Hewitt said: “#ForTheGirl highlights the level of sexism and inequality girls face in their day-to-day lives and via the mainstream media, and reminds them they don’t have to accept it.

“We are calling on everyone to join girls in challenging sexism whenever and wherever they see it – to build a fair future for girls everywhere.” [PRWeek]

#4 Spooky Digital Human

via BBC Radio 4

via BBC Radio 4

I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween and this is the only listing that somehow relates to this festivity. Digital Human, one of my favourite Radio 4’s podcast, tackled scary sounds and phenomenon of seeing the characters from the video games we’ve just played. Really compelling and interesting episode.

#3 UK’s £1.9bn cybersecurity strategy

This Tuesday, Philip Hammond, during the Future Decoded event hosted by Microsoft in London, tackled the important issue of cybersecurity and country’s approach to it. He has addressed that the government will spend £1.9bn on those activities.

“If we do not have the ability to respond in cyberspace to an attack which takes down our power network – leaving us in darkness or hits our air traffic control system grounding our planes – we would be left with the impossible choice of turning the other cheek, ignoring the devastating consequences, or resorting to a military response,” Mr Hammond said as he described the National Cyber Security Strategy in London. [BBC]

#2 Falling in love with Poland

As much as I’m not endorsing Halloween, I certainly try to be a good advocate of my homeland and share content that would show the beauty of Poland. Hence this video. This beautifully shot piece, with its fraught with cinematic, momentarily epic style, really does make you fall in love with our country.

#1 My FleishmanHillard Fishburn mug


ICYMI: this week, I summed up all the industry events I attended in October. I’ve also interviewed Google’s VP of Communications, Peter Barron.

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