#6ofMarcel: Impress, Apple’s Touch Bar and PRCA Broadcast event

For more shapes of the City, head over to my Instagram!

For more shapes of the City, head over to my Instagram!

With October slowly coming to an end, it’s time for the last #6ofMarcel this month. This week, I really liked the MacBook Pro unveiled at Apple conference and I found out that radio listenership is always as high as TV viewership. I also got really intrigued with press regulation in the UK.

#6 Impress recognised as an official press regulator

Impress as a "better kind of press regulation" (read more)

Impress as a “better kind of press regulation.” (read more)

The module I’m taking this year that tackles Media Policy has really made me think about how press in the UK is regulated. Events from the last couple of weeks, with controversial opinion piece in one of the most read newspapers in the UK, has sparked a massive debate about ethics in the industry. In the meantime, the regulatory body Impress has been recognised by Press Recognition Panel. Interesting times!

#5 Messenger supports PayPay payments in bots

Chatbots are a very topical at the moment. Facebook, not that long time ago, rolled out their own chatbots that you can get some information from, using the Messenger. It gets even more fascinating now. Social media company has partnered with the online payments system company, PayPal. This will allow purchasing goods directly from bots, in the chat window.

#4 Beautifully painted 19th century Warsaw

Polish capital has seen some really tough times in its history. Especially during the Second World War, when it got almost completely destroyed. Polish architect and artist Tytus Brzozowski, painted some breathtaking pieces and shared his vision of the 19th century Warsaw in canvas.

#3 The best city breaks for embracing winter

Krakow as a great travel destination (not only during the winter season!)

Kraków as a great travel destination (not only during the winter season!)

Second listing of the Poland-related coverage. Have you started planning your winter holiday, yet? If not, my homeland might offer you some fabulous destination to spend delightful moments during snowy, long December nights. The Independent’s travel team chose Kraków as a city, where “there’s absolutely loads to do in and around.”

#2 PRCA Broadcast Group event

I was very lucky to attend the first ever PRCA Broadcast Group event this Thursday. It was hosted at the amazing Burson-Marsteller offices. We heard from Ashitha Nagesh of The Metro, Anna Jones, the radio news desk editor for Sky News and Jon LaurenceDigital Editor at Channel 4. The panel was chaired by Daniel Cinna of Markettiers. We gained some great insights and learnt about incredibly fascinating research. It turns out that radio listenership in the UK is almost as high as TV viewership.

The roundup from all the events I attended this month is coming up on Monday!

#1 New MacBook Pro unveiled

via TechCrunch

via TechCrunch

Big news for the enthusiasts of products with the bitten apple logo on them. Tech giant Apple had another conference and unveiled their newest MacBook Pros. They look stunning. They have a lot of hardware nuances, but one of the biggest (visible) changes is probably Touch Bar. A bar that will replace panel with buttons such as ESC, F1, F2, etc. This will bring more functionalities for the different apps. New laptops will also have built-in TouchID — fingerprint scanner that will make payments easier.

Disappointing for me is the fact that the cheapest version (costing £1,449.00), won’t be coming with the mentioned Touch Bar. For this convenience, we’ll need to pay £1,749.00.


ICYMI: Kay Seago guest posted on my blog and wrote about her PR journey. I also interviewed Emma Leech from the Loughborough University.

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