#6ofMarcel: Improvising, Seenit, TechCrunch Disrupt volunteering

I had a real blast volunteering at TechCrunch Disrupt this week!

I had a real blast volunteering at TechCrunch Disrupt this week!

The penultimate edition of #6ofMarcel this year is here. This week has been great! I was volunteering at one of the most important tech events in the world, TechCrunch Disrupt. I was, again, really impressed with the coverage gained by the Polish grandpa learning English.

#6 London number one Europe’s tech hotspots
bit.ly/2gVcvKP, via City AM

Great news. As City AM reports, London is the leading hotspot for the global tech companies, despite the vote to leave European Union. Many were predicting that the referendum might have a negative impact in this case.

Employment in technology across Europe rose by nine per cent from 2010 to 2015 – 3.5 percentage points faster than office-based employment more broadly – and it is expected to continue to outperform in the next five years.


The research, based on employment and property data, adds to other evidence of London’s growing technology sector, with 430,000 employees. The sector is dominated by web services and software development.

The city is already well known as a global hub for financial technology – fintech – with a high concentration of banks and services companies already present. [City AM]

#5 Improvise to have a great career!
amzn.to/2hjmSf6 | unlikelyceo.com

Throughout the week, I’ve been incredibly enjoying this book. The CEO of one of my favourite agencies, Fred Cook of Golin, wrote a piece about his career. He is a real master of storytelling. Fred Cook shares the stories from his life and emphasises that every experience is valuable. He has done many jobs and traveled the world. All of those led him, quite unexpectedly, to the communications world. The biggest takeout from the book is to… improvise. In career and in life. Great position, especially for graduates!

#4 The books that will (might) change your life
bbc.in/2gDpnoE via BBC Radio 3

Radio 3 made a list of some books that ‘could change your life.’ I’m not sure about the changing aspect, but I’m sure those positions would contribute something to everyone’s life.

#3 More coverage for the Polish grandfather learning English
on.ft.com/2gF1P2t, via FT | huff.to/2gF4fOA, via Huff Post | dailym.ai/2gF0fNW, via DM

The ad from the Polish site Allegro, that I mentioned in the last week’s #6ofMarcel, got even more coverage and appreciation. Commendable work, hence I’m sharing it again (alongside with some of the coverage).

#2 Seenit

During TechCrunch Disrupt event this week, startups had a chance of taking part in the Startup Battlefield. They were pitching their ideas and could win a some extra cash. The pitch I particularly enjoyed was by the CEO and founder of the app Seenit, Emily Forbes. Seenit is a brilliant tool that helps event organisers and other businesses in managing user generated content. Communities chosen by the client can upload their footage, and then can edit it freely with the online editing tool. The startup has already gathered a variety of clients, ranging from the BBC to Unilever. The app disrupted this year’s edition of TechCrunch event and won £40,000. I’ve Seenit coming!

Watch the video here.

Click to watch the video.

#1 TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 volunteering

I was incredibly lucky this year to be volunteering at TechCrunch Disrupt. The event, organised by the US-based magazine, gathers many tech minds from all over the UK. This was a fabulous opportunity for me to gain some insights into the startups and innovation world. I also managed to see a few talks, including the one with Musical.ly’s CEO and founder (and CEO) of Citymapper.


ICYMI: I summed up last month and made a write-up of all the events I attended. I also interviewed the CEO of Curzon PR, Farzana Baduel.

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