#6ofMarcel: LinkedIn analytics, smell of digital and Christmas lights

I travelled across the Thames via Emirates Air Line!

I travelled across the Thames via Emirates Air Line this week.

Week number three of University and the third week of the month is almost finished. It’s time to summarise some interesting findings I came across in the past days. I especially loved the Digital Human on Radio 4, LinkedIn analytics and the Little Stars campaign.

#6 Tangentiality of digital

via BBC iPlayer

via Digital Human on BBC iPlayer

One of my favourite podcasts, Digital Human, tackled something we take for granted — digital. It was specifically on its physicality. Aleks Krotoski explores what digital smells and feels like. Where does Internet really come from? Interviews, with really diverse and knowledgable interviewees, answer all of those questions, additionally giving really intriguing and thought-provoking facts.

#5 ‘Kids Court’ instead of five points for speeding

Youngsters in Birmingham decided to educate speeding drivers. Instead of giving them five points for exceeding 20mph, they decided to be educating drivers on the repercussions of dangerous driving. Well done, Birmingham City Council and well done kids!

#4 Second presidential debate: surreal moments

We’ve witnessed really thought-provoking debate this week. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have been exchanging their arguments on many topics, before the election. They weren’t afraid to tackle the most delicate topics. The article in The Week takes a bit different angle than most of the outlets — it sums up the surreal and hard-to-believe moments from the event.

#3 The City from the above

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After two years in London I’ve finally done it — I went to North Greenwich and took a ride across the Thames, using Emirates Air Line’s cable car link. City from the above looks magnificently. It was great to see the different perspective of this fabulous place.

#2 Oxford Street’s Christmas and NSPCC partnership

I need to confess — I’m not the biggest fan of Oxford Street. It’s really crowded and shopping there can be a nightmare. You bump into people all the time, you’re forced to be moving incredibly slowly. The only thing that I do enjoy about this place are the decoration lights above the street during the winter season. This year, the Soho street is somehow even more bearable. Especially with the Little Stars campaign, where NSPCC is one of the partners.

#1 LinkedIn analytics

Mobile version of LinkedIn, is now showing the stats of the updates.

Mobile version of LinkedIn is now showing the stats of the updates.

We can finally see the analytics of updates you share on LinkedIn. This feature has been available for a while on the web, for the posts that were published on Pulse, but I’ve noticed that we can now get some stats on the reach of the updates. It might be just me, but I couldn’t find it on the web version. Regardless, brilliant and insightful functionality to have!


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