#6ofMarcel: psychology behind a perfect cuppa, Polish grandad learning English and social media bubble


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December is here! 22 days left for all the festivities. Christmas campaigns hit us full on. This week, I listed three of my favourite pieces I found out about in the past few days. Apart from that, I really enjoyed Samsung’s work with YouTubers — Casey Neistat and Karlie Kloss. I also learned about the psychology behind cup of tea.

#6 Working for a global company
bzfd.it/2gNCp3t, via BuzzFeed

I’m not a fan of native ads and usually find them rather intrusive. This article, though, caught my attention and I really liked efforts from J.P. Morgan, who created the list of the perks of working at a global company, spreading a good word about the corporation.

#5 Come Together — H&M’s Christmas ad

Wes Anderson is one of my favourite directors. Clothing retailer H&M partnered with the artist and created an amazing Christmas advert that definitely stands out from the crowd. Great storyline and acting from the talented Adrien Brody.

#4 Create with Gear 360: Casey Neistat x Karlie Kloss

Influencers are there to add authenticity to campaign. Samsung did it just right with their ad for 360, VR camera — Gear 360. YouTuber Casey Neistat and Karlie Kloss (model and recently YouTuber) spent a day with the Samsung’s camera and Casey, as a professional filmmaker, explained Karlie how to use it to create great content. Really good and well thought out collaboration.

#3 Bursting the Social Network Bubble
bbc.in/2gNyrIa, via BBC Radio 4

Fake news on our social feeds have been a hot topic recently. In this Radio 4’s programme, BBC presenter, Bobby Friction, tackled the social media bubble we live in. He spoke with the public about their awareness of algorithms determining the content popping on our feeds. Good listen!

#2 Polish grandad tugs at the heartstrings in holiday ad
bit.ly/2gNCLay, via The Drum

Allegro, Polish auction webiste, have done some incredible work for this Christmas. Really simple and compelling story of the grandad, who tries to learn English with the product bought on the website. At the end we see him introducing himself to his English-speaking granddaughter. I was really glad when I saw the campaign being picked up by the British outlets!

(No Polish required to watch the ad!)

#1 Psychology behind a perfect cuppa
bit.ly/2gNA7Sh, via The Guardian

Isn’t a perfect cup of tea a solution to everything? This one and other hot drinks, as study shows, can make us feel cosier and friendlier.

In an experiment, people were asked to rate strangers on how welcoming and trustworthy they thought they were. Holding a warm cup of coffee made them rate the strangers higher on these attributes, while holding a cold drink had the opposite effect.

Those holding hot drinks were also more likely to be generous, and less likely to display behaviour thought of as selfish. This is due to the strong linguistic and metaphorical links created in the brain by repeatedly using the words ‘warm’ or ‘cold’ to describe personalities.

[The Guardian]


ICYMI: this week on the blog, I gathered my favourite quotes from the YouTuber, Casey Neistat. I also interviewed brilliant Michael White from Lansons.

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