#6ofMarcel: valuable career advice, Flipboard, and staying productive

First week in 2017, first week in blogging. I’ve read a few decent pieces, listened to some great podcasts. I also got a tablet and installed the newsreading app, which I really enjoy. The first #6ofMarcel of the year is on its way!

#6 The Media Show with Piers Morgan
via The Media Show, BBC Radio 4

Regardless of your opinion on Piers Morgan, listening to the Media Show special with him is a must. Great story of how he’s become a well-known journalist can inspire and show how hard work can make you successful.

#5 The banking app targeting immigrants and expats
via TechCrunch

I really do liked the idea of Monese, the app that manages finance. I found out that it secured a massive funding. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next for them.

Monese, the London-based fintech startup that offers a mobile banking app for immigrants and expats who might otherwise find it difficult to open a bank account outside of their originating country, has raised $10 million in Series A funding. [TechCrunch]

#4 Procrastination
via BBC

Many students tend to struggle with procrastination. Especially, when it’s time to write an essay, or do something very urgent. The article gets behind this issue and gives a couple of solutions. Let’s write that essay about the alternatives to the public service broadcaster’s funding (note to self)!

But why do we keep putting things off? Why is procrastination such a common problem?

It’s claimed as a particular difficulty for students and academics.

Professor Tim Pychyl, a psychologist at Carleton University in Canada, is part of the Procrastination Research Group and calls it “the biggest problem in education today”. [BBC]

#3 One-minute rule
via Evening Standard/Business Insider

Evening Standard/Business Insider summarised a few rules that successful people adhere to, in order to stay productive. I particularly loved one thing about the article

“Follow the ‘one-minute rule’ and do any task that can be finished in one minute. Hang up your coat, read a letter and toss it, fill in a form, answer an email, note down a citation, pick up your phone message, file a paper … and so on. [Evening Standard]

#2 Flipboard

I only recently purchased a tablet. And I’m really happy with it. Catching up with news has never been more enjoyable and I can say that this is my favourite way of consuming PRWeek, Guardian, BBC News., and other favourite publications. App Flipboard (available for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Windows Phone and from the browser) is a really good-looking newsreader, or as the developers like to call it, ‘magazine.’

#1 Career advice for PR students

My favourite tweet of the week. David Gallagher said it all.


ICYMI: Graduating, getting a job, and continue on writing MK — I wrote about my goals for 2017. I also interviewed Ali Gee, deputy CEO of FleishmanHillard Fishburn.

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