#6ofMarcel: Golin’s B&B, Raining Men, Norway’s radio, and a hyphen

This week snow has visited Britain, and kind of went through London. Even though it was a snow with rain. This phenomenon, didn’t however make it to the #6ofMarcel list, where I list the most interesting and intriguing things I encountered recently. What made it, was iPhone’s anniversary, Golin addressing the housing issue in London, and a hyphen.

#6 Jon Snow and “It’s Raining Men”
via Channel 4 News

#5 Change of the political landscape in Britain
, via BBC Radio 4’s Today

One of my favourite broadcasters, John Humphrys, on the Today this week looked back at how the political landscape in Britain has changed. In the package we can hear the interviews that Humphrys has done with many famous politicians. Great, insightful listen!

#4 Norway’s radio goes digital
bbc.in/2ipmOty, via BBC

Norway decided to make a huge step, switching off the FM radio and relying only on the digital. Noteworthy, they’re the first country in the world to do so. The idea, even though futuristic, has been labeled as controversial. The biggest challenge for Norway will be radio sets in cars.

Cars will be the biggest challenge in Norway, where there are an estimated 2 million vehicles that are not equipped with digital audio broadcasting (DAB) receivers. Users are being told to buy adapters which cost 1,500 Norwegian kroner (£140).

“Norwegian politicians have decided to make 15 million FM radios in Norway completely useless,” digital media expert Jan Thoresen wrote in Dagbladet earlier this year, adding: “That’s a bad idea”. [BBC]

#3 How iPhone changed the world
bit.ly/2iptTKB, via City A.M.

9th of January marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone’s debut. Lynsey Barber in the piece sums up those last ten year, writing how this device changed the world, business and our habits.

via Apple

#2 Effective Writing Skills for Public Relations by John Foster

Because of the workload this week, I didn’t manage to read much, other than green papers and other pieces that would involve information about funding of the public service broadcaster, and alternatives to it. I have, however, stumbled upon the great book on writing, with the angle of writing for PR — press releases, headlines, etc. I only flicked through it, but I’ve found a really interesting piece of advice on how to tell the difference between hyphen and a dash.

#1 Golin will pay for their interns’ accommodation
bit.ly/2ilzdLD, via PRWeek

Golin is an agency known from their brilliant, creative ideas, and remarkable culture. This week’s announcement has disrupted industry with the news that the agency will provide a free London accommodation for their new interns. This fantastic initiative addresses the issue of soaring costs of living in the capital.

Golin’s next intake of interns (Bright Young Things) will be offered a paid flat-share with their fellow interns in London’s zone 1 or 2 for their first month, followed by a 0% loan for a deposit and one month’s rent in the capital to help with living costs for the remainder of their internship. [Golin]


ICYMI: I was celebrating twelve months in my freelance role and wrote about the lessons learnt throughout the process. I also interviewed Frank PR’s Andrew Bloch.

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