I volunteered at Rehab’s Parliamentary Pancake Race

Three strong teams. Representatives of the media, MPs, and Lords competing in the extraordinary event. Running around with pans, flipping pancakes. All of that for a very honourable cause — fundraising for the Rehab charity. Last Tuesday I volunteered at the Parliamentary Pancake Race. It was flipping pan-tastic. And I do promise that those two puns are the only puns I’ll make. Ever.

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PR industry vs academics: should those two worlds work more closely?

A similar narrative to the last event write-up — it’s a rainy evening in London and I’m getting off at the Southwark station. I’m finding my way to the Bankside-headquartered FleishmanHillard Fishburn, to join PRCA’s Academics vs Industry Debate. The audience of more than hundred will hear insights from those two words of the industry. Should academics and industry pros work closely with each other? How can they benefit each other? And is PR degree really needed to work in PR?

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The time I met Radio 4 Today programme’s Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson in the conversation with Phil Harding

It was a gloomy day in London, as it usually is, when I got off at Piccadilly Circus. I then found my way, on Google Maps, to Groucho Club in the Capital’s heart in Soho. One of my favourite industry groups, The Media Society, organised the talk with Nick Robinson, who presents my favourite radio programme on BBC Radio 4, Today. It’s been an evening full of insights, knowledge, and reflection.

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Month in the PR events: November

October has been great!

In November I managed to get inspired, not once.

November has been an incredible month when it comes to the events I attended. I managed to get inspired at the Creative Group event, as well as get some useful tips on the future career at the Careers Fair, both hosted by my favourite PRCA. I also managed to attend the evening talk, organised by The Media Society, with the legendary broadcaster Steve Hewlett.

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Month in the PR(CA) events: October

A view from the Burson-Marsteller offices.

A stunning view from the Burson-Marsteller offices.

I do love the industry events. Especially those organised by the PRCA. They always bring so much value and teach me so much. This month, I managed to attend eight of those. I attended the events tackling different aspects of the industry — I heard about gender pay gap in PR, digital and how it impacts the comms and how travel journalists like being approached. So much information and insights gained in less than 31 days!

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Month in the PR events: September

September was a fruitful month!

September was a fruitful month! View from the Grayling offices.

Month in the PR events is the series I initiated on LinkedIn. I decided to write about the industry events I attended. September has been incredibly fruitful. It has started with the PRCA Members Drinks and concluded with the Financial Directors Forum Group event. I’ve also managed to be at the Creativity+Science conference, organised by H+K Strategies.

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