Guest post: Starting from the bottom. How to make the most of an internship

In this guest post, the brilliant Olivia Shalofsky shares her story after interning for a year at Direct Line Group. She talks about successfully securing coverage in the leading media publications, professional development, and obstacles she had to get through. Olivia also shares career advice she has received during her placement.     Continue reading

Guest post: A beginner’s guide to PR graduate schemes

Last September, the dawn of the final year of my PR degree, I decided to conduct a social experiment: In an aim to get hired, I would apply to every graduate scheme in the communications industry. Sounds crazy? Well, it was. I don’t really want to know the amount of time I have spent on application forms, mini-essays, questionnaires, videos and interviews that I could have put towards my dissertation (or getting an extra hour of sleep). But today, I am not here to complain, I am here to depart my wisdom onto anybody who might consider applying for one in the future. Because one thing is for certain – I sure have learned a lot in this past year.

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Guest post: Why You Should Be Involved In Student Media

Life as a student is blissful, despite the constant burden of adulthood slowly creeping upon you, it is easy to ride along the glorious train of lectures-library-pub. However, there becomes a day where the word “graduation” starts creeping up from behind. The prospect of finishing university and having to finally accept that you are in fact an adult can be extremely daunting, the thought of having to find a job can be equally stressful. As an adult in denial, I can say that my one piece of advice as a student looking to step into a career in media is: get involved in student media.

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