Guest post: Why You Should Be Involved In Student Media

Life as a student is blissful, despite the constant burden of adulthood slowly creeping upon you, it is easy to ride along the glorious train of lectures-library-pub. However, there becomes a day where the word “graduation” starts creeping up from behind. The prospect of finishing university and having to finally accept that you are in fact an adult can be extremely daunting, the thought of having to find a job can be equally stressful. As an adult in denial, I can say that my one piece of advice as a student looking to step into a career in media is: get involved in student media.

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Guest post: not a single way of getting into PR

Kay Seago is PR Executive at Coast Communications.

It was never my intention to work in PR. In fact, if I’m being completely honest, I was never entirely sure what career path I wanted to take. Nonetheless, at the age of 18 I, like many other young adults, found myself at a crossroads — should I plunge myself into full-time work or should I go to university? Guest post by Kay Seago

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Guest post: MA in Public Relations – good investment or a waste of time?

Kristina Lazarevic is Masters graduate at the University of Westminster

Kristina has just finished MA in Public Relations at the University of Westminster.

Questioning the relevance of master studies in the field of public relations is not uncommon but rather very frequent observation I encountered while doing my MA. PR is a very practical field where you can’t learn much from the books or by analysing other scholars’ theories. In order to become a good PR practitioner, one needs hands-on experiences. Therefore, the question arises – why doing an MA in PR instead of throwing yourself in the industry immediately?

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