#PowerAndInfluence: Back to school

Stephen Waddington and I were invited to join the comms community #PowerAndInfluence Twitter chat, originated by Ella Minty. We tackled development, learning, and blogging. Here are ten takeaways from the discussion.

#1 Why Comms School?

#2 Student blogging

#3 Networking: on- and offline

#4 Building competency in skillset, regardless of the age group

#5 The PR vlogger role

#6 Universities’ role in driving blogging success

#7 Learning on a budget

#8 Time management

#9 Write about what you’re passionate about

#10 Having a confidence to blog


Many thanks to those who joined us tonight. Do follow Ella on Twitter, @EllaMinty and join Stephen and me for the next Comms School lesson on Tuesday, 19 March, 6:30pm. The classes are free: facebook.com/groups/CommsSchool