#MKruns262 update no. 1: Why I run

This is the first update in my monthly #MKruns262 series, where I keep myself accountable (and you updated) about my biggest fitness challenge — running the London Marathon 2019 for the charity Sense. This one is all about why I run, selling brownies, and wearing orange glasses. 

I thought I’d keep the format of #MKruns262 simple. First, I’ll write a quick note about my challenge — interview some of my running inspiration, or in today’s case — write about why I love running.

Then, I’d write an update on my training. Nothing too technical and too boring for non-runners, but rather flag how’s my running, what I’m listening to while running, and how my dodgy knees are doing.

The third bit will be all about fundraising. I’d love to honour those who have already contributed to my campaign and write on what I’ve done in the last month. Let’s get right into it! 

💡 Why I run?

Exploring running and my challenge — running a marathon. This time, why I love running. 

To start with, why do I even like running? Some might say it’s the most boring of all sports.

But whenever I hear ‘running is boring’, I always think that the beauty of it is, indeed, simplicity.

#1 Headspace

Because you don’t always need to think about mechanics of the activity while training (though it’s vital to stay vigilant in the busy London streets!), one of the things I like most about running is that it helps me to think. It puts things into perspective and gives me clarity. I’ve solved so many problems, found a lot of answers, and came up with many ideas — also for this blog — while clocking up miles. 

#2 Overall fitness

The health benefits of running can be multiplied. From lifting mood to cancer prevention and boosting sleep quality, many studies have shown that running is superior when it comes to improving one’s health. For me, it keeps me fit, helps me focus, and my immune system seems to be benefiting from running in the ever overcast London. 

#3 The community

This is a huge reason why I run. Because of running, I’ve met so many wonderful people. While running means you’ll spend a lot of time training on your own, communities such as London City Runners organise regular group runs. I also benefited from getting involved with the fellow Sense runners. Private Facebook groups and kudos (equivalent of likes on Facebook or hearts on Twitter) on the running app Strava, can be a huge motivator during training. Having a community of runners also means you won’t have to bore your family and non-running friends with your chats about latest running sneakers or your new GPS watch.   

🏃 Training

How much have I been running, playlist, and readings.  


  • Runs in December: 16
  • Distance in December: 82 miles
  • Time spent running in December: 11h 55m

On the week commencing 24 December (yes, I know it was Christmas), I’ve started my full-on marathon training. I use Hansons Marathon Method, which consists of five running days. Its milage starts at 17 miles and at its peak goes to almost 50 miles per week. 

If the activities list doesn’t display correctly, see my Strava profile: strava.com/athletes/26048045

What I’ve been listening to

If the player doesn’t display correctly, the playlist can be found directly on Spotify: open.spotify.com/user/marcelkl/playlist/0PJpBYF5h1l5LeEo6PgjP8 

What I’ve been reading

On the list: The Art of Running Faster, Julian Goater and Don Melvin; Advanced Marathoning, Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas (thank you for the recommendations, David!)

💰 Fundraising 

Update on what I’ve been doing to reach my fundraising goal.

At the time of writing, we’ve so far raised £523.51, which is 30 per cent of the goal. Here’s what I did:

  • I wore orange glassed matching my orange sneakers the blog awards

  • I sold brownies and Christmas tea

Thank you

I wouldn’t have been where I am without the below people. Thank you ever so much for your contribution to: 

  • Chelsea Jobe
  • Richard Bailey
  • Pete and Ciara
  • Jake O’Neill
  • Ella Minty
  • Andreea Dascalu
  • Ivi
  • Kate

Also, many thanks for those who indulged in brownies and tea, and huge thanks to Sara, Pilar, and Mark for their help in making the bake sale happen.

You can still sponsor my run. Every penny counts and I’d much appreciate your help! Let’s do it together — for Sense: MKruns262.co.uk


If you have any suggestions, would like to guest post or give me a feedback, feel free to email me at kl.marcel [at] gmail.com, tweet me @marcelkl or connect with me on LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by, have a splendid day!

A photo in the header is from my own collection. For more, see my Instagram here.