Why volunteering matters: Good and Proper Tea, The New Black

This week has been somewhat extraordinary. It’s been business as usual, smashing it in the world of PR, from Tuesday to Thursday. But Monday and Friday were different. I did two shifts at two incredible places. Here’s what I’ve been up to and how Good and Proper Tea and The New Black played a huge part of my week.

As you might know (well, you definitely do know as I’ve been promulgating this everywhere) that I’m running a marathon in April and I’ve pledged to raise funds towards national disability charity called Sense.

As a part of my fundraising effort, I decided to reach out to some of my favourite coffee/tea-shops in London to see if I can come in for a day and volunteer behind their bars, pitching my barista skills acquired at a high-street coffee shop during university.

I emailed an exceptional place in London that brews tea and provides a friendly environment to meet up with others, think, or read. I love sipping their Earl Grey and having their brownie while writing. Clerkenwell’s Good and Proper Tea offered me an opportunity to spend a day behind their tea bar and sponsor my run in return.

Another place that I fondly associate with writing my dissertation was The New Black. I’ve met their founder a while ago and enjoyed their flat whites with coffee beans from across the globe. Unique design and friendly staff made the process of writing so much easier. I was really chuffed when I got an opportunity to spend a day as a barista there. As with my previous gig, The New Black would sponsor my run.

Volunteering and giving time for a good cause matter. Here’s why

#1 Makes your free time worthwhile

An evening Netflix session sounds like a good plan, but time is the most precious commodity. You can do so many better things with it. There are so many charities and local communities that could use the time you’re using to catch up with ‘Stranger Things’.

#2 You meet people

I’ve met a number of brilliant people when I got involved with the charity Sense. Inspiring fellow runners, amazing events team, CEO of the charity. But also staff at Good and Proper Tea and The New Black.

#3 Makes a real change

Many organisations rely on volunteers who devote their time. Their budgets are not sufficient to gather more staff. Volunteers’ work is invaluable and makes the difference.

#4 New skills, old skills

I worked in a coffee shop for three years during my university years. I was so happy when I could put those rusty skills to use for my two gigs at Good and Proper Tea and The New Black. Those experiences also made me think about customer service and people skills.

Huge thank you to the teams at Good and Proper Tea and The New Black for having me. If you’re ever around Clerkenwell or Monument, make sure to visit them and grab the best tea and coffee in town.

You can also sponsor my run and make change to those living with complex communications disabilities: MKruns262.co.uk


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