2016 highlights: mumblings

Between the festive celebrations and consuming humongous amount of tasty, traditional Polish food, I’ve decided to summarise my blogging journey so far. At the beginning of it, I set a schedule of posting every Monday. The series was to be called Marcel mumbles. I wrote (and made other people write) about the different aspects of being a PR student and expressed opinions about the industry. In this very subjective (just like my blog) list, I’m showcasing some of the most popular and my favourite posts published on MK.

#1 Networking for students

One of the most popular series of posts on the blog. I shared some of my networking experience. I wrote about meeting people on the industry events, as well as while grabbing coffees with them. I also asked comms professionals about their advice.

Networking is not a rocket science. It’s a bit of common sense, hint of bravery and a portion of people skills.

#2 What did two years in London teach me?

Moving to London was a massive change for me. It was a tremendous lesson and experience, too. For this post, I gathered some thoughts on what two years in London thought me.

London is one of the most important media centres in the world. The amount of agencies, specialising in the different practises, is stratospheric. This was an amazing news for me that meant I could start gaining experience at the smaller agencies, then learn from the biggest companies.

#3 A coffee shop job: two years on

I spent two years working behind the bar of a coffee shop. I decided to write on how I benefited from it and how this experience will help me in being a better PR practitioner in the future.

My persuasive skills have been developed quite significantly, thanks to this job.

#4 Radio programmes every PR student should tune in to

I wrote about my favourite medium — radio. I listed some of my favourite programmes and explained why every comms student should listen to those positions.

[Radio] provides me with insights, it’s easily accessible and I can listen to it on my way to class, even without the internet connection.

#5 Guest post: MA in Public Relations – good investment or a waste of time?

A guest post by the lovely Kristina Lazarevic, masters PR student from my university (currently tech PR intern). She wrote a piece on her course and whether doing it was worth it.

MA in PR can be a very good investment in case you are not really sure what PR is about and you like to learn in an academic environment.


If you have any suggestions, would like to guest post or give me a feedback, feel free to email me at kl.marcel [at] gmail.com, tweet me @marcelkl or connect with me on LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by, have a splendid day!