2017? Bring it on!

The new year is here. Social media feeds are flooded with posts of people that claim to be making the resolutions and want to share them with the world. I’m not the biggest fan of making new year resolutions. I’m a huge believer in fact that we don’t need a ‘perfect moment,’ like the new number in the calendar, to make a change. NOW is the best time and the better minute won’t come. Therefore, yet another year in a row, I don’t have any resolutions for the incoming year. I only have goals.

I feel that 2017 will be crucial for my career — I need to hand in my dissertation, I’ll be graduating from the undergraduate course and finding a job in PR. I want to accomplish a few other things, too.

#1 Keep on blogging, become a better writer

Blogging has been one of the best things that happen to me in 2016. The main reason of creating MK was to have a platform to share some thoughts, and initially, with time and effort, become a better writer. This blog has opened a great amount of new door for me and created some great opportunities. My goal for 2017 is to keep blogging and sharpening my writing skills.

I’m a (soon-to-be) PR man, so I know that this seems idealistic and hard to measure. Hence, I’ll consider this goal as a success, if I still keep on posting regularly at the end of 2017, and there will be some traffic on the site. I also have a list of the publications and blogs, for which I’d like to guest post. If I succeed in this, it’ll again be a win.

#2 Write a decent dissertation, get a degree

One of the reasons I’m excited about 2017 is the fact that I’ll be graduating. Between me and my Bachelor title, however, stands my undergraduate dissertation. I believe that I’ve already built some strong fundaments with the research and, most importantly, choosing a topic that really interests me. I’m planning to stay calm and consequently move towards finishing my thesis. And #MarcelWritesDisso posts on my feeds are inevitable.

This goal is fairly easy to measure — dissertation needs to be submitted and I’ll need to be happy with the piece. Ideally, I’ll get distinction. Second part, involving getting a degree, is straightforward, too. Once I’ll get my diploma with my name and the Bachelor of Arts title before it, I’ll call it a day. At least academically.

#3 Get a desired entry-level job

Certainly the biggest goal. Maybe one of the biggest in my life. PR and comms are what I live and breathe. I’ve been working hard on my degree, gaining experience, blogging and networking for the last three years. Now I’ll put all of the skills gained at the university and my, still little, expertise gathered through meeting new people to practice. The moment of me being able to say that ‘I work in PR’ will (hopefully!) come.

‘Desired’ might be vague. And it is, indeed. Desire might be very subjective. I have a list of the dream companies that I’d love to see on my CV. If I make it and they’ll hire me, this will be another position ticked, whether that’s a graduate scheme, or an entry-level position.

#4 Read more, listen more, stay curious

I have to admit — this will be hard to measure. This goal is an equivalent of ‘raising awareness’ in the objectives of campaign. Sounds fabulous, but how does one measure it? I could technically set a goal of reading X books each month, but apart form books I’d like to stay up to date with the news, blogs and other publications. Listening applies to podcasts, Radio 4 and music. Music is important. Curiosity is going to be the most tricky, while measuring the success of this goal.

This goal will be accomplished, when at the end of 2017, I’ll still be motivated to progress and keen on learning new things.

And what are your goals for 2017?


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