2017: what a year it’s been!

I had a few goals this year. In this post, I’m looking back at 2017 and reviewing it. It’s been quite a year.

At the beginning of 2017, I published a post in which I claimed that “I didn’t have any resolutions for the incoming year. I only had goals“. The aims I mentioned in the post were:

#1 Keep on blogging, become a better writer
#2 Write a decent dissertation, get a degree
#3 Get a desired entry-level job
#4 Read more, listen more, stay curious

So, this is how I did.

#1 MK named the best public relations blog in the UK

Three months into 2017, and only six months after launching the blog, MK was listed amongst top 10 PR blogs. All alongside Stephen Waddington, Rich Leigh’s PRExamples, PRMoment, and Neville Hobson. I was honoured and excited that my hard work paid off. Little did I know that there’s more to come for the blog.

At the end of May, #PRStudent competition lead by one of my favourite PR educators, Richard Bailey, came to an end. My blog has been regularly featured in the weekly round-ups. I didn’t win the competition, but I was honoured to be one of the runner-ups. The fantastic site of Lucy Hayball earned her the title of Britain’s best PR student blog.

The absolute highlight for MK came at the end of November. I was invited to the chic ceremony at the London’s Bloomsbury. I was shortlisted for the Vuelio Blog Awards (aka blogosphere’s Oscars) in the category for the best PR, media and communications blog. I was up against some of my blogging heroes, including Stephen Waddington and Sarah Stimson. I didn’t quite think I had a chance of winning. I didn’t have a speech, or a blog post lined up to go after the victory. Yet there I was, walking up the stage, having achieved something that I never thought I would. I won.

My blog is only one year old. This year has been incredible and it’s seen a lot of people visiting it. It’s been complimented many times. Have I became a better writer? There’s a humongous room for improvement, but MK helped me get closer to better writing.

#2 Dissertation submitted, degree obtained

27th of April was a memorable day for me. A labour of love, that was my dissertation on personal branding on Twitter of PR pros, has been submitted. It took me months to get the thesis written, but I enjoyed the process. The submission also meant finishing my studies.

“One of the reasons I’m excited about 2017 is the fact that I’ll be graduating” I wrote. On July 10thI wore a gown and had a picture taken with the iconic clock. The achievement I worked on for the last three years was unlocked. I also secured the top grade, which made my Mum really proud!

#3 I’m now a practitioner!

“Certainly the biggest goal,” I scribbled in the January’s post. “The moment I’m able to say that ‘I work in PR’ will hopefully come.” And it did! I shared the news I landed a dream PR job to my Facebook friends at the end of April. I had started being a practitioner at the leading public relations agency in June. After the first month, I wrote a piece on my first month in the industry. Chuffed and grateful I’m there!

#4 I stayed curious

The admittedly “hard to measure” aim in 2017 was to stay curious. I wanted to keep learning and exploring. I read over 20 books, which is not an insane number, but it’s supposedly more than average. I also kept writing, not just here, but one of my pieces was published on PRWeek.

In 2017, I’ve also blew dust out of my old passion — photography. I started posting regularly to my Instagram and kept working on my creativity and storytelling prowess.

I also created my weekend ritual, in which I try to open my mind to art, despite not being artsy. I now try to visit Tate Modern each week. Money spent on the Tate membership was probably best spent this year.

My writing, my career, my life — it’s all work in progress. But this year showed me how much can be done with motivation and keenness. There’s a huge room for improvement in many fields, but it wouldn’t be fun at all if we got everything right straightaway.

Here’s to 2018! 🥃


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