#4PRQs: the key takeouts from the Four PR Questions series

39 entries in over 40 weeks. #4PRQs aka Four PR Questions appeared to be very popular series and put my blog in the spotlight on many occasions. The main aim of the series was to connect with the prominent comms practitioners and ask them how to land a job in the communications industry and how to have a successful career. So how does one achieve that? What can we learn from the most successful industry professionals? Here’s what I found about the #4PRQs interviewees.

#1 They are passionate

All of the interviewees have passions, outside of the comms. Sam Howard knows ins and outs of bitcoin and is into all things tech. Colin Byrne is a huge music fan. Mark Perkins loves football. Getting into PR is one thing, but having something outside of it is another. You have to have a personality in order to stand out. PR is all about what kind of person you are and how can you contribute.

Takeout: find a hobby, share it with others, show your personality.

#2 They are storytellers

All of the interviewed practitioners are storytellers. Being able to communicate is crucial in PR. In the age of social media, you can showcase your work on the variety of platforms in the different types of media — be it video, podcast, or picture. “Demonstrating your knack for and love of storytelling through writing, photography, video and storytelling will help you stand out from the crowd and hone your skills,” emphasises Alex Cole.

Takeout: you have to tell the story — find your way of doing it.

#3 They write well

Despite the fact that you don’t need to limit yourself to the form of written word, this still remains the most significant tool of communication in PR. The answers to my questions were always easy to read, clear, and communicated the message well. Another proof that PR pros can write is some of the fantastic blogs that are known in the space. Stephen Waddington’s influential wadds.co.uk or the insightful blog written by Amanda Coleman are only a few examples of excellence that we can all get inspiration from. As David Gallagher mentioned, “all roles in PR require critical thinking, excellent written and verbal communications and an insatiable curiosity about the world around us.”

Takeout: learn how to write, make writing your habit, be curious.

#4 They come from the different walks of lives

Sara Collinge started off generating publicity for music festivals. Paddy Blewer had a brief adventure in investment banking. Some of the interviewees studied psychology, some of them history. A few of them are trained journalists. A couple of practitioners didn’t go to university at all. There are different ways to land a job in PR.

Takeout: you don’t need a degree to work in PR.

#5 They use social media

I’ve managed to interview so many PR pros because of the power of social media. Reaching out on Twitter and LinkedIn helped me secure the features week after week. I wouldn’t have known and connected with them if it wasn’t for those platforms. But… make sure you use them aptly. “Social media is a CCTV x 100 resolution,” told me Ella Minty.

Takeout: use social media channels, but use them wisely.

#6 They love their job

Fenella Grey in the #4PRQs said that she believes that there is no such thing as work/life balance. “It’s one life,” she says. Whenever I spoke with someone — both face to face and online, both asking them Four Questions and chatting at the events — one thing that became apparent was their passion to the industry. It was great to see how much they loved their jobs. Noteworthy, it’s passion and dedication that delivers fantastic work for the clients.

Takeout: you have to enjoy PR in order to get into it and succeed in it.

A massive thank you to all interviewees that got involved and answered the Four PR Questions. In order to see all the entries, click here.


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