Books every aspiring PR person should read

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Frame from the Interesting Film of my production

Whether you are a PR student, media enthusiast or just someone that would like to grasp a bit of information about the industry, these are some of the must-read positions that I recommend. All very topical, all of them written by inspiring and knowledgeable minds.

#1 Campaigns that Shook the World
Danny Rogers,

Danny Rogers, editor-in-chief of PR Week, gets behind the scenes and gives a very comprehensive analysis of many campaigns, crucial for the PR world. Campaigns that Shook the World tackles the whole range of the case studies from political spectrum, as well as culture, sports, celebrities and work done for brands. Danny Rogers managed to get some exclusive materials for his book and quotes from the most significant campaigners. Foreword was written by Sir Martin Sorrell of WPP.

#2 Share This Too: More Social Media Solutions for PR Professionals

The set of essays gives a great insight into the digital part of the industry. The book was neatly edited by one of the most influential (and one of my favourite!) people in the industry, Stephen Waddington. Another massive credit goes to the second editor, Rob Brown — Managing Partner at Rule 5. Share This Too reveals how being social-savvy can give an opportunity for a great career and how digital revolution is transforming the comms. In the book we can find pieces from the talented practitioners like Dom BurchKate Matlock, editors themselves and many, many more.

#3 How to get a job in PR
Sarah Stimson,

An absolute essential on every PR student’s reading list. Sarah Stimson gives pretty much complete guide on how PR job hunting should be done and how to approach it. Each chapter tackles an important part of securing first role in the industry. We can find out how to impress on job interviews, how to enhance the resume and learn how important getting internships really is. How to get a job in PR also teaches how to network, how to effectively use social media while job hunting and gives a great amount of other tips for aspiring PRs. Book also contains comments from the industry leaders and practitioners.

Also: Sarah continues to give tips for PR graduates on her PRcareers site.

#4 Where the Truth Lies
Julia Hobsbawm,

Julia Hobsbawm is known for her expertise in networking. She has also done a brilliant programme on Radio 4 called Networking Nation (I’ll write about it more widely on the other occasion). Her book, titled thoughtfully, Where the Truth Lies is the collection of essays that underlines many interesting statistics and shows the massive impact of PR on the media industry. Great read to get more insights into the relationship between journos and PRs and see how those two professions can contribute to one another.

#5 Edelman and the Rise of Public Relations
Franz Wisneravailable from Edelman Engage

The tale of a legendary Dan Edelman that talks about his first steps in the career and the creation of the global PR agency. It’s really easy to get inspired, while reading some of the stories from Edelman’s life. It’s also great to learn how the global communications agency has been established. This piece also gives a context to the agency’s work. The figure of Dan Edelman is most certainly one that should be known by every PR pro (or a wannabe).

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