On switching off

Public relations is an industry which requires its practitioners to be alert. Always on-call and ready to tackle crises. Always looking out for the new opportunities in media. But sometimes leaving your work in the office is important. Here’s why and how to do it.

Why is it important to switch off?

#1 Problem-solving

When you’re pondering an idea or battling how to solve an issue, thinking about it all the time won’t help. Forgetting about it and coming back to it with fresh mind is key.

#2 Can lower stress

Some 526,000 workers in the UK suffer from work-related stress. Being constantly in a work mode will never help you wind down and relax.

How to switch off?

#1 Physical exercise

Go for a run after work. Exercise pumps your body up with endorphins and significantly reduces stress. Running can also be a great outlet to put things into perspective. And fine — it doesn’t necessarily have to be a run.

#2 Turn your notifications off

Checking email before bed, or any time after when you don’t *really* need to, can lead to creating a bad habit. Being constantly on your email app can increase your stress levels and doesn’t let you shut down. Use do not disturb mode on your phone after certain time and don’t let notifications get you back into your inbox.

#3 Recharge batteries

This point is individual. As an introvert I need some time spent reading book, writing, or listening to a podcast. I love spending some of my weekend at the Tate, just to gather thoughts. But it can be different for anyone. Remember you don’t always have to be productive when winding down. You might like to recharge your batteries playing computer games. This is fine!

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