One of the best pieces of career advice

I’ve learnt how to future-proof your career.

I’ve recently received probably one of the best pieces of career advice (thanks, Pete). It goes: “Lean towards things you don’t like / are not good at doing.”

And I love it so much. While it’s important to focus on your strengths, it’s so essential from the career growth and development point of view to work on things that we’re not good at.

Picking up a phone to journalists, assisting with events organising, the tasks some might consider laborious, such as updating variety of documents that need to be up-to-date, or putting together call agendas.

You can notice a pattern here. Some of these tasks are mostly performed by the more junior members of staff.

This means that the higher up the ladder you climb, these will be mostly outsourced to someone junior and you’ll be only the sing-off party and someone overseeing the process.

Learning the basics of the trade, focusing on some of the more junior, yet still essential skills, will future-proof your career and make you a better manager later on.

You can’t quite run a marathon if you’ve been running five miles each week. Sorry, I couldn’t resist with finish this off with a running reference.


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