Radio programmes every PR student should tune in to

PR students, listen to speech radio!

PR students, listen to speech radio!

I’ve already said it number of times, but I’ll say it again — I love radio. It’s one of my favourite mediums. Especially speech radio. It provides me with insights, it’s easily accessible and I can listen to it on my way to class, even without the internet connection. In this post, I’m listing my favourite programmes that I like having in my headphones.

#1 Today, BBC Radio 4
Monday to Friday, 6 AM and Saturday 7 AM

Today is one of the most important programmes in the whole British media landscape. It sets the media agenda, interviews and features that appear in the early morning R4’s slot are being quoted everywhere. Absolute essential to stay up to date with the topics ranging from politics, sports to culture, tech and science. The most current and key news to be heard at 8 — 8.30 AM.

#2 The Media Show, BBC Radio 4
Wednesday 4:30 PM

Right after Today, there’s Steve Hewlett with his Media Show. Weekly programme concentrates on important issues occurring in the media industry. It talks about disputes in the papers, TV ratings, journalism, public relations and much more. Every week, the host invites an interesting guest to the studio that shares expertise with listeners. Really significant position in every PR student’s playlist.

#3 Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4
Weekdays 10 AM, Saturdays 4 PM

The brilliant and astute Woman’s Hour is one of the most popular radio magazines in the broadcasting world. Its first 45 minutes are devoted to some really insightful interviews and reports on many important topics that are in the interest of women. Even though they are the primary target audience, everyone outside of this demographic can benefit from listening to the Jenni Murray and Jane Garvey’s programme. Last 15 minutes of the production feature a drama.

#4 Archers, BBC Radio 4
Sunday to Friday, 7 PM

I actually do mean it — you might be making fun of Archers and I was sceptical at first, as well. But this radio drama is quite interesting to immerse in, especially from the PR perspective — it has recently been gaining more coverage than some TV series. Tackling an important issue of domestic abuse, it has raised awareness about this problematic topic and gained a lot of new audiences. Listening to it is almost like reading a book, so there’s no time being wasted!

#5 Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2
Monday to Friday, 12 PM

Jeremy Vine‘s show is a bit different than the other listings. Vine, with the contribution from listeners, tackles stories from very different areas of life — in one show, he can be talking about wealth gap, then cover Labour conference in another. I really like how laid-back the show can get. In between of the talk show, we can hear the standard Radio 2 tunes.

#6 Various interviews, LBC

I really enjoy listening to LBC for the interviews the station conducts. Some special editions of programmes give callers an opportunity to phone interesting people, ranging from Nigel Farage to Sadiq Khan. The series In Conversation With…, where Steve Allen talks to some inspiring people from the entertainment industry, is also well worth considering.


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