Why every junior should read RESET by David Sawyer

RESET is aimed at “midlife careerists.” But I think every junior should read it, too. Here’s why.

David Sawyer is a bit of a legend. He’s hugely inspired me this year. Saying he’s a stellar runner, doesn’t do him justice. He run a 2:40 marathon. (For non-runners reading it, that’s fast). In his CV, David also has a head-of-office gig at one of the biggest public relations agencies in the world.

In a very well-written RESET, he cracks self-development, finding purpose, decluttering life, and personal finance. David gives a number of case studies, backed-up numbers and figures, simple examples and plans on improving life and career.

He shares advice for those in the middle of their careers. But I think those just starting out would also benefit from the book. 

#1 Planning ahead

In RESET, we can learn a lot of careers. But this doesn’t only stop at landing a job that pays your bills. David writes about finding purpose and enjoying the career. He covers worldview and values. While it’s undoubtedly useful for those in the middle of their journey, I’d argue those at the start line will advance their careers when they try to figure out some answers. 

#2 Decluttering

One of my favourite chapters of RESET gives an overview of how to declutter your life. Simple — yet effective — tips on how to physically, mentally, and digitally switch off. This advice will definitely come in handy for midlifers. But yet again, life of those in their 20s can get hectic and chaotic, and might need some tidying up. 

#3 Personal finance

David made me think a lot about personal finance lately. Money is such a huge part of any career! Managing it well is important. The earlier we start saving, the better. RESET provides with exhaustive information about investing and saving, and helps understand psychology behind money. The end goal of financial independence (or “F.U. Money”) might seem somewhat unachievable when you’re in your 20s. But learning good habits early on is worthwhile.

#4 Digital transformation

While most juniors are digital natives, there’s so much more to digital than posting holiday pictures on Facebook or being able to slip in a meme into a group chat. Social and digital platforms are constantly developing and customers, who marketers are trying to reach every day, are getting savvier than ever. Learning about the digital world should never stop. Scheduling tweets is an important skill to have, but there’s still a lot to learn and understand — from demand generation through PPC to ever evolving e-commerce.  

RESET talks about future-proofing your career. In PR, being able to advise your clients in the era where everything’s digital is essential. But in order to do it, you’ve to follow trends and be able to act accordingly. In the book, we can find many great tips to make sure we stay relevant throughout the career and constantly grow.

You can grab your copy of RESET here. Also make sure to follow David on Twitter, @zudepr.


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