Thank you!

“I’ve won an award!” I yelled to my rather puzzled Uber driver, who couldn’t care less and whose only concern was to get me to the other side of the town.

I went to the Vuelio Blog Awards last night. I was very chuffed to be shortlisted amongst some of my biggest inspirations — Stephen Waddington, Sarah Stimson, Rich Leigh. I was humbled to be nominated for the best PR, communications, and media blog award, but I knew that I stood no chance against such knowledgeable and truly inspiring PR pros.

But here I was, wearing quite not fitting into the dress code orange bow tie, walking up to the stage. Still flabbergasted, accepting an award for the best PR blog in the UK. I won!

I’d never think this would happen. In September 2016 I didn’t quite know what I was doing. “Start writing,” told me David Gallagher. “Just interview a couple of PR pros,” advised me Stephen Waddington.

I’ve been using this blog as a means of documenting my journey through PR. As a PR student at first, now as a starting out junior pro. Blogging has taught me a lot. But the biggest lessons from my journey is that hard work pays off. It really does. The last night is a great testament to it.

So, thank you. Thank you to Mom and Dad for being such avid readers.

Thank you to Stephen Waddington, David Gallagher, Sarah Hall, Sarah Stimson, Chris Owen, James Page, Molly Aldridge, Chris Hides, the Corp team, Sam Howard, Ella Minty, Mary Whenman, Richard Bailey, Darryl Sparey, John Brown, Mike Love, Judy Gombita, Sarah Penny, Mary Davoudi, Kristina Lazarevic, Rebecca Henderson, Jenny Sanchis, Dominika Wynne, Henriette Stoll, Andy Jones, and many, many more, who deserve a credit, but this post would be as lengthy as my dissertation if I were to include them all.

Thank you to the team at Vuelio, everyone who believed in me, contributed, shared, or stopped by my blog.

Speechless. Humbled. Thank you.


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