The next steps…

I’ve submitted my dissertation*, completed PR degree and I’m slowly getting ready for my graduation ceremony. I’m really contented and proud to announce that I’ve landed my first role in the comms industry. I’m thrilled to share that I’m joining M&C Saatchi PR.

As of today, 5th of June, I’ll be joining corporate and B2B team, lead by Chris Owen and Rowland Barran, at M&C Saatchi PR. Make sure you follow the agency on Twitter, @MCSaatchiPR.

What happens to the blog? MK is what kickstarted my career. It helped me understand things and explore areas I wouldn’t have tackled otherwise. I’ve started it to sharpen my writing skills and I received many compliments for my work. I’m definitely not ending my blogging journey. I won’t be able to post in such capacity as I do now, but I’m challenging myself to publish one blog post a week.

The #4PRQs (Four PR Questions) series is slowly coming to an end, as well. This week’s interview will be a penultimate one and the series will be concluded in two weeks’ time.

The headline of the blog is also slightly changing. I’m not a PR student anymore, so there will be PR, social and digital from Marcel Klebba.

I’m looking forward to this PR adventure and I hope this blog will document it well enough!


If you have any suggestions, would like to guest post or give me a feedback, feel free to email me at kl.marcel [at], tweet me @marcelkl or connect with me on LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by, have a splendid day!

*I’m chuffed to say that I’ve received a first for my dissertation! I’ll be soon posting a write-up.