A time management tip from Arnold

I’ve recently picked up the book of the entrepreneur and podcaster, Tim Ferriss’, Tools of Titans. The book is a collection of Ferriss’ favourite bits from his podcast. I found a quote that is about time management and I thought I’d share it.

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the importance of time management in PR and shared some of my tips. While reading Tools of Titans, I came across the attitude towards managing the multitude of task that I’m very fond of.

The quote is from Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie star and former professional bodybuilder talks about his struggle with focus and how he managed to deal with it. He mentions that he was constantly distracted. What helped him was signing up to meditation classes. Now, you don’t have to start meditating at all. The key is the right mindset.

Arnold Schwarzenegger says:

I don’t merge and bring things together and see everything as one big problem. I take them one challenge at a time. When I go and I study my script for a movie, then that time of day when I study my script, I don’t let anything else interfere. I just concentrate on that.

Arnold in a very practical way shows that dealing with many tasks is achievable with the right approach and thinking. It’s those small things that make our professional and personal lives so much easier!


Get Tools of Titans or/and check out Tim Ferriss’ podcast.

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