Six takeouts from Facebook IQ’s Topics & Trends Report

Facebook’s own insights unit released the Topics and Trends Report, which gathered the topic that were popular in 2017 and that will be on raise in 2018. Here are some trends for communications pros to look out for.

The report breaks down what’s going to be hot in 2018 and it divides it per different categories, including beauty and fashion, food and drink, technology, commerce, and more. The below are my favourite trends.

#1 The rise of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been a popular topic in 2017 and Facebook predicts they will continue to be. With Bitcoin price being covered widely in media and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) being in early stages of legitimising, we’ll be seeing more about this phenomenon on our Facebook walls.

#2 Empowerment marketing

A hugely important topic that is women’s empowerment, has been also a very prominent on Facebook. As the report highlights, since January 2016, online conversation has grown across the terms gender role, women’s empowerment and Wonder Woman.

#3 Mobile gaming

With smartphones becoming smarter, and more powerful, than ever, mobile gaming is also on the rise. Gaming has always been a massive industry and it’s now becoming more prominent on our mobile phones. Facebook’s study demonstrates that we’ll be talking more about it.

#4 Everyday AR

Augmented reality, or AR, was at first considered as a gimmick. However, it’s now slowly becoming more powerful and useful, assisting us with everyday tasks and being able to do more sophisticated things. As the report stresses, since January 2016, online conversation on the platform has grown across topics such as augmented reality, alternate reality games and mixed reality. Our interests surge and so does the tech!

#5 Customisation and more smart tech

It’s not just smartphones becoming smarter. Our houses and offices are also equipped in smart technologies, such as Google Home. Wearable technology, in the form of Apple Watches and Fitbits, is also more common. The popularity of all these customisable devices is also apparent in the conversations online. As Facebook IQ highlights, mentions on the platform around Bluetooth, headsets and proximity marketing have significantly grown.

#6 Chatbots and AI

Last, but not least, one of my favourite tech trends. Many business have recently using more advanced technology, from chatbots booking our tickets to the lines of code crunching huge amounts of data. Our interest around this emerging technology have grown, and as the Topics & Trends report reveals, artificial intelligence, deep learning and computer programming were a popular subject of matter last year and will definitely continue to be in the future.

Read the full Topics & Trends Report here:


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