Why work in technology public relations?

Here’s why I think working in technology sector of public relations can be a gratifying path.

#1 Tech impacts our lives

We constantly hear about FANGs (that is an acronym for Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google — also known as ‘big tech’) and how they change the way we interact with each other, spend our free time, or do the shopping. Smaller companies don’t sleep either — they provide robotic harvesting and help fashion brands make customisable clothes, cutting waste. Behind each company — a global tech giant or a startup — there is a story to tell.

Public relations is one of the functions shaping messaging, preparing strategy and telling this story to a wider public — and multiple stakeholders. Being part of it is immensely exciting.

#2 It’s challenging

In order for technology to work, there has to be row of code or string of chips behind it. A software in modern car in 2012 has reportedly had over 100 million lines of code. A non-technical person can easily get a headache when looking inside of Apple’s flagship handset — iPhone X. Yet for the everyday users, technology is seamless and it just… works.

Another important role of public relations in technology sector is explaining really complex ideas in simple words. Simplifying technology and getting under the skin of it means the job is never boring and can be hugely gratifying.

#3 It’s constantly evolving

It’s hard to imagine, but there was no social platform Snapchat before 2011. Apple’s famous iPad was only launched in 2010. Music streaming service Spotify wasn’t around before October 2008. We can never know where all the advancements with industries such as artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, natural language processing are going to take us.

This means that working in technology PR, you’ll never stop learning. You’ll have to make sure you stay ahead of the curve and get your head around trends. As I’ve previously emphasised, success in PR lies in constant development.


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