Don’t chase the title, get up early, write: career and life lessons from IBM’s Jeremy Waite

I love Twitter. It connected me with so many clever people. Including Jeremy Waite, whose Ten Words I’ve recently reviewed. It inspired me and left me with many unanswered questions. I decided to reach out to Jeremy and chat to him. All about careers, personal projects, and passion.

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Guest post: Why You Should Be Involved In Student Media

Life as a student is blissful, despite the constant burden of adulthood slowly creeping upon you, it is easy to ride along the glorious train of lectures-library-pub. However, there becomes a day where the word “graduation” starts creeping up from behind. The prospect of finishing university and having to finally accept that you are in fact an adult can be extremely daunting, the thought of having to find a job can be equally stressful. As an adult in denial, I can say that my one piece of advice as a student looking to step into a career in media is: get involved in student media.

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#4PRQs for: Jane Fordham of Golin


Jane Fordham is the Executive Director, Marketing and Talent at Golin

Golin is one of those places that you just don’t want to leave, once you get in. Buzzing with creativity, interesting clients and most importantly — remarkable culture. I’ve had this massive privilege of spending two fabulous weeks with the consumer team at the Holborn-based agency. Jane Fordham, who has made this tremendous opportunity come true, is the Executive Director, Marketing and Talent at Golin. Jane is brilliant — she has truly amazing people skills and is one of the most charming people in the industry. It made me so happy, when she agreed to answer my Four PR Questions (#4PRQs).

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