Why should every PR pro read Jeremy Waite’s “Ten Words”?

Whenever someone receives an email that I sent from my mobile, it apologies for the brevity in the signature. After reading Ten Words by Jeremy Waite I started questioning whether being brief is something I should apologise for. Ten Words is a book that everyone working in any communications discipline should read. Here is the reason why.

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Month in the PR events: November

October has been great!

In November I managed to get inspired, not once.

November has been an incredible month when it comes to the events I attended. I managed to get inspired at the Creative Group event, as well as get some useful tips on the future career at the Careers Fair, both hosted by my favourite PRCA. I also managed to attend the evening talk, organised by The Media Society, with the legendary broadcaster Steve Hewlett.

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My favourite Casey Neistat’s quotes

Quote inspired by Casey Neistat, above my desk.

The quote inspired by Casey Neistat, hanging above my desk.

Casey Neistat in one of my favourite YouTubers. He’s truly inspirational. He not only does a lot of things that make me motivated, but he also says a lot of things that we could all learn from. For this post, I put together some my favourite quotes from Casey’s famous video blogs that he has, sadly, recently ended.

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