Hello world!

Hello, good afternoon & dzień dobry!

Hello, good afternoon & dzień dobry!

Hello, dzień dobry, Здравствуйте and Guten Tag!

My name is Marcel Klebba and I am a final year student of BA Public Relations and Advertising at the University of Westminster, London.

For a long time, I was looking for a way to improve my writing skills. I have been reading a lot, have been spending hours listening to the speech radio and podcasts, but you just can’t improve or gain a skill without actually practising it. Hence the blog. I have bought the marcelkl.co.uk domain, set up the WordPress and here I am. I am most likely to be sharing my thoughts on the industry, trends within it. Also, I do reserve myself a right to be off-topical, just at the times.

If you have any suggestions, would like to guest post or give me a feedback, feel free to email me at kl.marcel [at] gmail.com, tweet me @marcelkl or connect with me on LinkedIn. Thanks for stopping by, have a splendid day!